Chrystals Shortbread hand made in scotland

Hand-Made Scottish Shortbread

Beautifully indulgent, soft and crumbly all-butter shortbread

We bake shortbread, luxurious all-butter soft and crumbly shortbread. It’s rich and indulgent the way a treat should be and as mum always used to say;

“ a little of what you like does you good”.

After years of  baking for family and friends I started baking commercially from home in 2007, selling at local farmers markets. Things have grown a little since then with orders now being shipped to restaurants, hotels, shops and delis around the UK. I prides myself in the quality and authenticity of the product, using only the best ingredients with no artificial additives or preservatives. The recipe and techniques for baking remain unchanged through generations of my farming family, passed down from mother to daughter.  I love the rustic look of home-made baking and continue to individually hand-cut and scored each tray of shortbread …the way it has always been.

We like to keep things simple and believe that much of our success comes from sticking to what we know, so we continue to produce just one thing, shortbread, and we don’t coat it in chocolate or mix it with fruit. It’s simply, good traditional Scottish shortbread, nothing more.

Chrystal’s Shortbread is a small independent bakery based near Loch Lomond in Argyll, Scotland. It is run by husband and wife Chrystal and Rory Mackinlay with the assistance of a dedicated team of flour coated staff.